Brazil Daterra Masterpiece


The Daterra Masterpiece is an amarosa varietal, and an anaerobic natural processed coffee from Brazil. What we taste in this coffee are candied cherry, red wine, tropical fruits, and mint brewed by one of our regular customers, Kert-Jan.


  • Chemex 5-cup
  • Dose: 20g
  • Grind size: 42' or 1100-1300 microns on brewler
  • Yield: 320ml at 40-50 ppm
  • Temperature: 92 C
  • 1st pour: 60ml
  • 2nd pour: 120ml (up to 180ml)
  • 3rd pour: 80ml (up to 260ml)
  • 4th pour: 60ml (up to 320ml)
  • Brew time: 3:10 - 3:20

Always remember, the best coffee is the coffee that suits you. Cheers and keep brewing!


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