Luna Bermudez Gesha

The Luna Bermudez Gesha is a Gesha varietal from Deigo Bermudez in Colombia. This coffee underwent a double fermentation thermal shocked process.

A berry party in a cup, its aroma and flavors are reminscent of blueberries, bubblegum, raspberry, and grape juice. 


  • Kono Dripper with Lilydrip Gio v2.0
  • Dose: 12g Grind size: Comandante at 26 clicks
  • Yield: 200ml at 115ppm
  • Temperature: 94 C
  • 1st pour: 30ml (bloom for 30 seconds)
  • 2nd pour: 60ml (up to 90ml)
  • 3rd pour: 60ml (up to 150ml)
  • 4th pour: 50ml (up to 200ml)
  • Brew time: 3:30

Always remember, the best coffee is the coffee that suits you. Cheers and keep brewing!


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