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Ethiopia Wate Innovation B

Discover Ethiopia Wate Innovation B, a special coffee created through an innovative process by Erik Liao and the farmers of Hambella Guji. Brewed using an April Brewer by Aljen, this coffee offers vibrant notes of grapefruit, red grapes, and cherry. Enjoy a fruity sensation in every sip!

how to brew

Ethiopia Wate Innovation B


April Brewer + Kalita 185 filter


14 g

Grind size



240 ml


96 ℃

Brew Time



Step 1

  • First, pour 60 ml

Step 2

  • Pour another 60 ml

Step 3

  • Pour another 60 ml

Step 4

  • Lastly, pour another 60 ml
  • You'll end up with a total yield of 240 ml

Pro Tips

Brew with a water hardness of 79ppm

Example product

Example product

Regular price ₱19.99

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