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Finca de Garces Catimor

Indulge the rich flavors of Philippine's Finca de Garces Catimor. Sourced from Bukidnon, Philippines and brewed with expertise in a V60 dripper by our good friend Lao, this natural processed coffee offers notes of red apple, banana, and maple.

how to brew

Finca de Garces Catimor


V60 dripper + Hario paper filter


15 g

Grind size



225 ml


92 ℃

Brew Time



Step 1

  • Pour 75 ml
  • Let it bloom for 30 seconds

Step 2

  • Pour another 75 ml

Step 3

  • Lastly, pour another 75 ml
  • You'll end up with a total yield of 225 ml

Pro Tips

Brew with a water hardness of 50ppm

Example product

Example product

Regular price ₱19.99

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