Philippines Milalittra Washed Typica Sweet Coffee

Jun 21, 2022

This episode’s coffee is Milalittra Washed Typica Sweet Coffee, a washed processed coffee from Miaraynon, Bukidnon by the Milalittra Cooperative and brewed in a Clever Dripper by our resident barista Yanmar. Milalittra Washed Typica Sweet Coffee brings you flavors of papaya, guava, lime, sugar cane, and cacao.


Equipment: Clever Dripper
Dose: 13g
Grind size: Medium Fine
Yield: 190mL
Temperature: 95 C
Brew time: 3:00

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In this recipe, Yanmar used the Milalittra Washed Typica Sweet Coffee. Grab a bag of this lot here and experience an elevated coffee experience with a brew guide by our featured baristas.