Altieri Specialty Coffee

Nov 25, 2021
Farm History
Altieri Specialty Coffee is a family-owned group of coffee growing farms from Boquete in Panama, founded by Eugene Altieri, an Italian American businessman residing in Panama. We have two farms located in Boquete, called Mima Estate in the area of Callejon Seco and Pipim Estate in the area of Alto Lino.
We produce varieties of Geisha, Typica, Catuai and Caturra. These prize-winning coffees are grown on the Eastern slope of the Baru Volcano, surrounded by the virgin cloud forests of the Baru National Park, at a height of between 1,600 and 2,200 meters above sea level, in an area known as Callejón Seco and Alto Lino. This area consists of volcanic soil, drained on the slope of the volcanic mountain, at an altitude where winds from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans collide creating microclimates different from the rest of the country. Mima Estate (Callejon Seco) produces Geisha, Typica and Catuai, while Pipim Estate (Alto Lino) produces Caturra.
After fifteen years of coffee growing and earning various awards, the second generation of the Altieri family are following Eugeneʼs legacy, working together to expand the Altieri Specialty Coffee brand.
Given that family is in Altieri Specialty Coffeeʼs core values, our 10 lotsʼ names have special meaning; they are named after each of the Altieri familyʼs 10 grandchildren. For example, Dilgo is a nickname for Diego, Rola for Rolando, and Ale is for Alexandra, three of Eugeneʼs grandsons.




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