Florals & Chocolates

Feb 7, 2022

Hello, coffee lovers!

This is the Florals & Chocolates Collection. We came up with four different coffees. Two coffees that are very focused on floral characteristics and two coffees that are very focused on chocolate characteristics.

For our floral line up, we have two coffees all from Ethiopia. We chose these coffees because these have floral characteristics similar to what you experience in tea. The first coffee from this line up is the Sidamo Guji Bensa from producer Daye Bensa. It is a washed processed heirloom varietal grown at altitude of 1800 meters above sea level. The next coffee in this floral line up is the Yirgacheffe Mamo Kacha from producer Mamo Kacha. Still a washed processed heirloom varietal from the region Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia. 

For our chocolate selection, we chose two different coffees from Guatemala. The first coffee is Huehuetenango from producer Jose Roberto Monterroso. It is a typica and bourbon varietal washed processed coffee. The next coffee is from the same producer, New Oriente. This is a washed processed bourbon, caturra, and catuai varietal from Chiquimula, Guatamela.

You can get these coffees in our Florals & Chocolates Bundles Box. You can choose from a variety of whole bean coffees of the chocolate line up to the florals line up. You can also mixed and match florals & chocolates and also get these coffees as a Drip Pack Bundle. Don't miss it!

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