Finca de Garces' Sarchimor: Cultivating A Rare Varietal in Philippine Soil

For the fifth and final installment of our Finca de Garces series, we delve into the rare Sarchimor varietal. Discover how this distinctive coffee variety, a hybrid mutation between Villa Sarchi and Timor, may be more than just another cup.

The name Sarchimor was coined from its two mother varietals: Villa Sarchi, which is a natural Bourbon variety mutation that was registered and researched by the Honduras Coffee Research Institute, and Timor, a Robusta coffee genetic discovered in Southeast Asia's Timor Leste or Timor Islands. Sarchimor and the more known Catimor are both introgressed species that come from both the varying classes in Arabica and Robusta genetics.

As we cupped all of the five varietals together, the Sarchimor immediately stood out with its unique taste profile. With a sweeter finish compared to Catimor, Sarchimor definitely is a varietal to look out for. Notably, the presence of a delightful malic profile, reminiscent of apple flavors, adds an intriguing layer of pleasant acidity to the cup.

Beyond its flavors, the Sarchimor showcases impressive resilience. Thanks to its linkage to the Robusta genetic Timor, this varietal displays remarkable resistance to common threats such as coffee leaf rust and berry or stem borers. Generally, it thrives in low- and medium-altitude regions. But in higher elevation altitudes such as the highlands of Bukidnon, the potential of this coffee could be far greater. 

While Sarchimor has gained significant popularity in coffee-growing regions such as Costa Rica and India, it is with great excitement that we witness a Philippine farm daring to cultivate this rare varietal. We salute the dedication and vision of Finca de Garces for pushing the boundaries of coffee cultivation in the Philippines.

This is Finca de Garces’ first harvest of the Sarchimor varietal and we can’t wait to share this coffee with you! 


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Philippines Finca de Garces Mixed Varieties

Philippines Finca de Garces Mixed Varieties

Philippines Finca de Garces Mixed Varieties

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