Finca de Garces' Sweet Coffee Varietal: Sweet Coffee That's Guilt-Free

May 18, 2023

From Bukidnon's flourishing landscapes, we bring you the second coffee in our 5-part blog series on the varietals in Finca de Garces: Sweet Coffee.

This isn’t the first time we’ve put the spotlight on the farm’s Sweet Coffee varietal. Last year, we relentlessly shared with everyone that Finca de Garces’ Sweet Coffee was the cleanest Philippine cup we’ve ever tasted—and it was harvested in only 18 months from production! It actually led us to think, “Wow, how much greater can their coffee become?” and so we remained connected with the remarkable individuals behind this farm and explore the wonders of their other varietals.

(UPDATE June 6, 2023: Finca de Garces recently won first place at the Philippine Coffee Quality Competition 2023 for their Sweet Coffee, scoring an impressive 86%.)

The origins of Sweet Coffee can be traced back to its Ethiopian heritage, where it shares genetic roots with the heirloom coffee varieties of this renowned coffee-growing region. This exceptional coffee shares striking resemblances to the revered geisha variety, showcasing floral notes, balanced flavors, and a harmonious sweetness. It is also recognized as both an Ethiopian heirloom and typica classification by World Coffee Research. 

However, it is also referred to as "forest coffee". This unique cultivar earns its moniker from its wild origins and ability to thrive in its natural environment. 

At first glance, the physical characteristics of sweet coffee are truly distinct. The closely spaced internodes on its leaves give it a unique appearance, while the fruits grow at a notable distance from each other, setting it apart from other coffee varieties. As the immature coffee cherries transform, they undergo a fascinating metamorphosis, evolving from slightly elongated shapes to become beautifully rounded when fully ripe.

What truly distinguishes the sweet coffee varietal is its remarkable sweetness, as the name itself suggests. This delightful trait is attributed to its high concentration of sugar, infusing every sip with a naturally sweet taste. With every cup, one can savor the unique experience that sets Finca de Garces’ Sweet Coffee apart from its counterparts.

Sweet Coffee is actually one of the varietals that we’ve included in our upcoming Finca de Garces Experience Box, where we feature three coffees from the farm for you to experience. This coffee exhibits sensory notes reminiscent of a classic Ethiopian coffee, featuring delicate hints of chamomile tea, caramel, green apple, and citrus fruits.

We can’t wait to launch the Finca de Garces Experience Box with you and discuss more the different varietals at the farm in the next blog!


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