Origin Series: Davao del Sur & Bukidnon

Mar 7, 2022

We flew to Davao to visit Mount Apo last January and ended up visiting Mount Apo and Bukidnon for more than 4 times in the span of 2 months. We visited with hopes of sourcing more local coffee while meeting the producers behind the Philippine coffees that we roast but we ended up with a larger purpose that we took to heart on what we really want to fulfill in the coming years and hopefully decades.

It renewed our commitment for coffee and elevating the lives of the people behind it. Good Cup is committing to working with coffee farmers at origin to build transparent, honest, ethical and happy relationships that genuinely benefit the farmers, cooperatives and the families that we work with and this is the start of something that we can look back in the future.

For the first edition of our Origin Series, these coffees are grown, harvested and processed by the farmers themselves. These coffees were roasted, cupped and assessed at their farms together with the farmers and other cooperative members for us to collectively learn the present quality and plan on what to do to improve the coffee’s final cup quality for the next batch of cherries that they will be processing.

Our goal was to translate to the farmers and cooperative members the sensory profile of the present coffees that they produced by tasting it together with them and by explaining to them what certain flavor profiles and sensory characteristics were linked to what they did during fermentation and drying stage when they processed their coffees. Our next step was to help them plan on what to execute for their upcoming batches of cherries that they will process by introducing innovative coffee processing techniques.

Our purpose is to demonstrate to the farmers that it is possible to produce high scoring coffees using the same cherries that are being produced and sold as great quality coffees already. We do this by focusing on alternative ways of processing. This significantly can increase the cup quality score and value of the crop and therefore can make their farming activities more financially rewarding and sustainable.

Our next Origin Series Box will feature how farmers innovated using more unique processing methods by applying what they’ve learned from our journey in the past few months.
We are truly grateful for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful coffee community and we’re humbled yet thrilled by the positive contribution to a brighter future for these farmers our team has been continuously working on.

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