Brew Guide: French Press

  • Coffee: 20g
  • Water: 300ml
  • Brewing time: 9 minutes
  1. Grind your coffee to coarse setting.
  2. Heat your water up to boil (100°C).
  3. Preheat your French press by pouring in hot water. Discard rinse water after a few seconds.
  4. Remove the plunger and put the coffee grounds in.
  5. Tare your scale, start your timer, and pour water up to 300g.
  6. Leave the plunger and let your brew sit until 4:00.
  7. At 4:00, take your spoon and gently stir for 5 times. After stirring, remove the curst (foam) sitting on top of your brew using your spoon.
  8. Once removed, take your plunger and push it down until the metal filter reaches the top of the coffee. Let it sit for up to 9:00. (Do not fully submerge the plunger)
  9. At 9:00, leave the plunger in the position it’s in and pour coffee into your favorite mug/cup.
  10. Breathe in the aroma, and enjoy!