Brew Guide: V60 Dripper

  • Coffee: 16g
  • Water: 240ml
  • Brewing time: 2 minutes and 30 seconds
  1. Grind your coffee slightly coarser than filter setting (medium).
  2. Heat your water up to 90°C - 92°C.
  3. Place your V60 on top of server and place paper filter into your V60.
  4. Rinse your paper filter with hot water so as to remove the paper taste as well as to preheat your server. Remove rinse water after.
  5. Place your coffee grounds into your V60 and give it a tap so as to level out the grounds.
  6. Tare your scale, start your timer, and pour up to 80g in a circular motion ensuring that all your coffee grounds are well saturated for the Bloom.
    At 30 seconds, pour another 80g in circular motion. At 1:15-1:20 minute, pour your last 80g by cleaning up the remaining coffee on the ends and focusing on the center until you reach 240g in total.
  7. Your brew should end at around 2:15-2:30 minutes.
  8. Remove your dripper, swirl your server, breathe in the aroma, and enjoy!
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