Ethiopia Sakicha

Sakicha Village is located in the Guji Region with an altitude of 2050 to 2200 meters. Because Sakicha sits in a higher altitude, its cherries go through a slower maturation level and this results into a more intense flavor profile of this coffee. Coffees from Sakicha are all processed in Killenso. After the addition of shaded scaffoldings to upgrade the Killenso's Processing Plant, this year's drying of all Natural Coffees is giving all Sakicha coffees more complexity and clarity.

The drying time of the coffee takes place for 20 days, because of the long drying rate, it adds up to the consistency and cleanness of the coffee's flavor and improves its texture to a softer and a more delicate mouthfeel.

ORIGIN: Sakicha, Ethiopia
VARIETY: Heirloom
PROCESS: Natural
TASTE PROFILE: Berries, Floral, Chocolate, Citrus