Abu Gesha Natural 7N


The Abu Gesha Natural 7N by José Luttrell from Panama. The coffee is hand collected in the optimum maturation point and then hand-selected. We apply an anaerobic dry process for 192 hours and then sun-dried on African raised beds for approximately 25 days.

Experience flavors of melon, passionfruit, and strawberries.



  • Aeropress (Inverted Method)
  • Dose: 30 grams of coffee, coarse filter grind
  • Yield: 120 ml of water + 120 ml of bypass wate
  • Brew time: 2:15
  • Water Temperature: 93 C
  • Water PPM: 80 PPM
  • Grind Size: 18 clicks using a Commandante
  • Best to Brew: 2 Weeks After Roast Date



  1. Heat up your AeroPress by rinsing it with hot water and then place 2 filters in the filter cap for increased clarity in the final cup.
  2. To brew using the inverted method, gently plug the plunger onto the chamber to create a seal, flip the AeroPress and add 30 grams of ground coffee to the chamber
  3. Slowly pour 120 grams of water at 93c
  4. Gently stir for 20 cycles for 30 seconds.
  5. Screw the filter cap and gently press until you hear the hissing sound and then stop.
  6. Flip the AeroPress again and immediately place it on top of a mug or server
  7. Let it sit for 45 seconds. 
  8. Press the plunger down for 30 seconds
  9. Following these instructions, you’ll extract roughly around 80 grams of coffee, and then you top it up with 120 ml of 93c water.
  10. Swirl the server and then enjoy your brew. If the coffee tastes light or watered down for your liking, add less water by increments of 15ml. If the coffee tastes too intense, top up with more volume of water by increments of 10ml. 


Always remember, the best coffee is the coffee that suits you. Cheers and keep brewing!

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