Farm Feature: Finca de Garces

Nov 25, 2022


Earlier this week, we launched a coffee that we’ve all added to our roster of favorites. The coffee in question is none other than the Finca de Garces Natural Sweet Coffee, which is produced by the Garces family (Lito & Gemma Garces) of Pangantucan, Bukidnon.

Finca de Garces is nestled at an elevation of 1400 meters above sea level, just at the foothills of Bukidnon’s Mt. Kalatungan. The well-balanced humidity of the farm adds up to its beautiful microclimate that is generously ushered by surrounding waterfalls and a few rivers.

“There was so much biodiversity, a nice microclimate, and an untouched nature.”, says Gio Visitacion, founder of Good Cup Coffee.

However, the type of coffee that the Garces family grows on this farm is not like the regular Philippine variety. This specific varietal is an heirloom variety that is locally known as “sweet coffee” because it yields a literally sweet flavor profile. The “sweet coffee” also has similar characteristics to that of a geisha tree and is also comparable to it in terms of florality, sweetness, and balance. It is classified as an Ethiopian heirloom & typica by World Coffee Research.

The coffee trees are also grown under the shade of larger Falcatta trees, protecting them from the harsh sunlight. Together with the Falcata trees and the bodies of water that surround it, these elements all add up to the unique feature of the farm’s terroir and the inherently great coffee that it could produce.

It isn’t the first time that Good Cup Coffee Co has worked with a “sweet coffee” varietal. Earlier this year, we collaborated with the Milalittra Farmers Agriculture Cooperative (MILFACO) to produce an exceptional-tasting coffee of the same varietal.

But what makes this coffee from Finca de Garces special?

The answer lies in its harvest date from planting seed to producing cherries! Usually, typica, heirloom, and even catimor varieties take up to three years before the trees bear fruit but for Finca de Garces, the coffee cherries started ripening and were ready to be harvested on the 18th month! It means that the coffee has well adapted to the environment and received a great amount of nutrients during its growing stage. 

It is also noteworthy that Lito and Gemma Garces only started growing coffee two years ago when the pandemic started. This batch is coming from their first harvest.

This coffee is processed using the natural method. After the ripe cherries were picked, they are then slowly dried for 20-30 days inside a controlled environment drying facility with both temperature and humidity constantly checked in order for the coffee to produce a great sensory profile. 

Standing firm to its varietal’s name, we taste the diversely sweet flavors of candied orange, plum, and honey in this cup. The cleanest Philippine coffee the team of Good Cup has tasted. The body is very silky and the sweetness lingers and coats your tongue.

As a coffee company operating in the 21st century, we are always so thrilled to hear about the many innovations in the industry that continue to take place every day. The story of Finca de Garces’ harvest is one that definitely surprised and amazed us.

We are so fascinated that we got to experience and taste a coffee of this quality and varietal, and we’re even more humbled that the Garces family shared this lot for our roastery to roast and share to our customers.

Now, this coffee is ready for you to experience here.