Brew Guide: Espresso

  • Dose: 20g
  • Yield: 45.2ml
  • Time: 30 seconds
  • Grind: Fine
  • Temp: 93.5°C
  1. Finely grind your coffee. You may opt to use what we recommend as a benchmark and fine-tune later on how coarse or how fine you need your coffee to be to achieve the taste that works for you.
  2. Make sure to evenly distribute the coffee in the portafilter before tamping.
  3. Give the coffee a good tamp. We recommend applying medium force while tamping, just enough that the coffee is not packed in too tight to avoid choking and not too loose to avoid channeling.
  4. Be sure to purge the grouphead prior to inserting the portafilter to remove any remaining particles under the shower screen.
  5. Insert portafilter and place your cup and scale underneath.
  6. Tare your scale and start the extraction. Be mindful in observing the time and volume altogether.
  7. Once the desired parameters have been reached, you can remove your cup and gently stir your espresso with a teaspoon.
  8. Breathe in the aroma, and enjoy!


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