Ethiopia Badessa

Badessa is another origin that we work with in Guji, Ethiopia. For this 2018-2019 harvest batch of coffee, the cherries grew well with the help of great environment condition during the harvest season. During the drying period the weather was perfect for processing, drying it with low humidity and a consistent stable temperature. You can enjoy the clarity of the flavors of this natural coffee because of how it was harvested and processed properly. The overall drying rate is very slow and this contributes to the bight acidity, and round mouthfeel of the coffee.

The farmers pick the cherries in the morning, and they deliver the cherries to the washing station of Guduva Washing Station. In the station, cherries are simply washed to remove branches and leaves, and go through intense hand sorting to achieve a uniformed cup. Then, they are placed on top of raised beds for only one to two layers. The cherries are agitated very often to make sure it drys faster. Then after the second week, they gradually pile up the cherries and agitate less to reduce drying rate for better quality.  Drying takes about 3 weeks and then the dried cherries are sealed in jute bags until pulping that will take place in the drying mill.

ORIGIN: Badessa, Ethiopia
VARIETY: Heirloom
PROCESS: Natural
TASTE PROFILE: Citrus, Floral, Black Tea