Philippines Mount Apo Maria Luz Lactic Fermentation

Mar 31, 2022

This episode's coffee is Philippines Mount Apo Maria Luz Lactic Fermentation - mixed catimor and typica varietal. This coffee is processed by lactic fermentation by Maria Luz Dubria and BACOFA Cooperative in Mount Apo. Brewed by Kert-Jan on a Siphon Yama 5-Cup. You will enjoy flavors of pineapple, yogurt, and dark chocolate.


  • Siphon yama 5-Cup
  • Cloth Filter
  • Dose: 16 grams
  • Grind Size: Semi-Course, 42 on Kinu
  • Yield: 220ml
  • Brew time: 1:30


Always remember, the best coffee is the coffee that suits you. Cheers and keep brewing!


This coffee is part of our Origin Series Experience Box. Read more about it here.


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