Ethiopia Killenso

Killenso Washing station is located in Blue Hora, Guji Region of Ethiopia. The Killenso Washing Station is privately owned by Chirissa family.

The plantation area around Killenso Washing station grows mainly the Kurume and the Heirloom Varietal. 

For the 2018-2019 harvest batch, our green been source invested and constructed more African Drying Beds and shade dry facilities and it really helped a lot adding a more delicate and complex profile to the 2019 crops of coffees. 

Our green bean source also experimented with the anaerobic processing with the cherries from the Chirissa family. The concept of anaerobic process is to intensify what the coffee already has but not changing its characteristics. And we are happy to say that they have successfully processed the coffee's with a very transparent flavor clarity with high quality sweetness, delicate mouthfeel and good quality acidity.

ORIGIN: Blue Hora, Ethiopia
VARIETY: Heirloom
PROCESS: Anaerobic Natural
TASTE PROFILE: Berries, Candy, Lactic, Complex Acidity